Tidal Gifts Summer Season 2021

Wow! We can hardly believe we are drawing near to the end of the 2021 season for Tidal Gifts. This is the first time, in four years, we have still been open in October, to serve many new and some regular Achmelvich customers.
It has been another extremely busy summer and with the increasing popularity of the NC500, more and more people are winding their way along our, sometimes precarious, single track road.  The beautiful scenery of Achmelvich beach is definitely a worthwhile reward for the trip.

Serving food and drinks has definitely become the backbone of the business, and there have been many many grateful customers, who have been relieved to find a coffee or tea available from our tiny seaside cabin, at journeys end.
We currently plan to close Tidal Gifts on Friday 15th October, and are looking forward to a short break in Stoer Lighthouse, to reflect on the season just passed and look ahead to 2022.

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Written By: Sheila MacLeod

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