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Edie: Our thoughts

If you live within a 50 mile radius of Suilven, then I can’t imagine for a second that you’ve never heard of it. Suilven is a mountain located a short distance away from the coastal village of Lochinver, in the Scottish Highlands and is the setting for Simon Hunters new movie, Edie.
Edie, follows the journey of Edith Moore (Sheila Hancock), a recently widowed woman who embarks on the adventure of climbing Suilven at 83years of age. Edie begrudgingly accepts help from a local shop owner Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) who initially only helps in order to make a quick buck. The two form an unlikely friendship as Edie trains to reach her goal.
On Sunday 20th May, Mum and I decided that we wanted to go see Edie. Rather inconveniently for us, the nearest cinema to our home in Achmelvich is over 85 miles away in Inverness. Thankfully, the Screen Machine (SM) was in town for the weekend so we were able to catch the film there instead (just a stones throw away from the base of the mountain, which made the experience much more enjoyable). SIDE NOTE: If you live in the Scottish Highlands and haven’t heard of the SM before, then be sure to check out their website to see if they are passing through your village/ town in the future. https://www.screenmachine.co.uk/
For the record, I wouldn’t class myself as a comprehensive film reviewer, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.
We’ll start with my least favourite bits and get them out of the way. Personally I found that there were a few cringe moments and inconsistencies that bugged me. So, in short, here they are...
  • The hike doesn’t take 3 days to complete. I appreciate that Edies character will have taken longer to complete the hike due to her age/ level of experience. However, I think it should have been made known that any able bodied individual could complete the walk between 7 and 10 hours.
  • The road between Inverness and Lochinver is not as short as it appeared in the film and is not a single track road the entire way.

  • The way the characters pronounce Suilven is incorrect. Particularly Kevin Guthrie’s character. He pronounces the mountain SULL-I-VEN. The correct pronunciation of Suilven is SOOL-VEN. I am concerned that my phonetic spelling may leave a lot to be desired, so if you do care, then simply ask a local how to pronounce it (unlike the movie scouts who rather foolishly neglected to do so).
For now, these are the only inconsistencies I can think of, but I’m certain there were a few more. That being said, although these frustrated me, I did find the film enjoyable none the less. The light humour made this an easy watch in my opinion.
I enjoyed the quips and light hearted jibes between Edie and Jonny and felt that their characters formed a pleasant on screen relationship. All in all, their unlikely friendship seemed like a little bit of fun.
Lastly I want to note my admiration for Sheila Hancock, who aged 85, did in fact climb Suilven for the filming of Edie. Similarly to the character she was playing, Hancock climbed Suilven in its entirety. There was no faking it or green screens, she committed to getting fit in the gym and then proceeded to climb the mountain for the film. Personally I find this demonstration of determination and focus to be admirable.
All in all I would say that if you have any sort of relationship with or admiration for the Scottish Highlands then I’d be sure to check Edie out. Just be sure to stick your fingers in your ears when the characters pronounce Suilven.

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